Spokes Algarve is only just over the hour to the border with Spain. In fact some clients have taken day trips to the fabulous city of Seville in the south west corner of Spain. There is a deal of difference in the summer climate between Portugal and Spain. Portugal is blessed with the  cooling effect of winds coming of the Atlantic ocean. Humidity on the Algarve is not a factor during the height of summer. The Spanish resorts on the Mediterranean coast suffer with high levels of humidity from the effects of the evaporating water from  the  enclosed sea. This is why in any 2 week period there will most likely be a thunderstorm  from the effects of the rising humid air.  Unlike these resorts in Spain ,Portugal is not  subject to these summer storms.  The lesser humidity makes for more comfortable living especially when confined to a wheelchair. So if in the past Spain has been your holiday destination why not give us a try here on the lovely Algarve. No long airport transfer journeys on the Algarve.

Your plane journey to Spokes will  arrive at the newly remodelled Faro airport. Faro is connected to  many cities around Europe. The airport now has a new facility for disabled passengers.  The Mayo family recently had service they described as VIP. A separate designated area has been created with you in mind.

Disabled access at Faro airport has ,in the 5 years we have been open, always been  very well received by our clients. Thank you Faro Airport

Spokes is only 40 mins away by air conditioned coach.

Visit.... us having checked us out on Tripadvisor...Spokes in Silves.