When we looked at the buying a pool hoist we soon realised that there was nothing out there that would serve all needs. Chair hoists are no good for those with no upper body support. Sling hoists are good for no upper body support but not for those with upper body support. Ramps down into the pool are far from ideal an again difficult in the least for those with no upper body support.

We therefore decided that the way forward was to design  a combined chair and sling hoist. It has proved an unmitigated success. We were very fortunate to have a test run with a gentleman who had had a very bad experience with a hired in lift.


We would like to take this opportunity to relate our experience at Spokes.
Unfortunately my husband Saxon has a neurological condition and is now quadriplegic. We have a lovely pool here in Carvoeiro and it was one of my husbands joys to have a daily swim. In the past year it has been impossible for him to get into the pool without a hoist. So we tested a poolside hoist which was a manual crane with straps in which to sit the user.
Firstly, the whole thing was very unstable and with my husbands weight nearly toppled into the pool and secondly, the straps put so much pressure on his body that he was left with feeling battered and literally bruised.
At about the same time we came to know of Spokes and we were particularly interested to hear that the owner, having himself discovered the shortcomings of pool hoists, had built his own disabled friendly version.
We contacted Spokes and arranged a visit to see if the lift would be suitable for Saxon.
We had a most enjoyable afternoon culminating in Saxon having a swim.
Getting him into the water could really have not been easier.The wheelchair sits on the bottom of the pool and can then be moved into deeper water allowing Saxon to float out of the chair, the reverse to come out.Saxon felt comfortable and confident throughout the whole process, the smile on his face said it all.

The Spokes hoist works  for all.  Back in 2012 we were very privileged to have two of our hero soldiers Wayne Royston and Ben Parkinson  come and stay with family for a week at Spokes. Ben kindly agreed to let us use the following  video of his chair to chair transfer at the pool.

The  HOT TUB  has its own hoist which for obvious reasons can only be used for sling entry.